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Buzz, Buzz…Buzz, Buzz, Buzz… First you hear her, then you see her; there’s a honeybee right next to you. Before you swat at her, take a deep breath and calm down. That little bee provides more for you than you realize! She and her comrades pollinate the crops that are part of the meals you eat every day. Honeybees pollinate about 70% of our agriculture crops that we depend on for our food and their populations are dwindling fast! Colony Collapse Disorder is robbing our world of our necessary bee populace, so instead of hurting that little bee why don’t you try to help her. The best way to stimulate the bee population is to plant flowers that not only attract bees, but bloom over a range of seasons.

Sprouts! understands the importance of sustaining our bee population and has made encouraging their colony growth even easier! Our collection of eco-friendly seed infused plantable cards, boxes, bookmarks and favors feature the beautiful bees! All are printed on a special seed paper blend that attracts bees and other pollinators. To honor our bees, spread your customized environmental message, or choose any of our green plantable designs!

Our products are made from 100% recycled materials that are naturally biodegradable. To get your bee friendly note cards and help the honey bees, please click on the image above or call 561-840-8089.
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Sprouts elegant Memorial Cards, Memorial Bookmarks, Thank You Cards, Sympathy Cards, Keepsake Cards, and Pet Loss Cards are created from handmade eco friendly Plantable Seed Paper.

Made from 100% recycled paper and embedded with flower seeds, Sprouts Plantable Seed Paper Memorial Products can be planted and beautiful flowers will grow and bloom in tribute to your departed loved one.
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Sprouts! wins Small Business of the Year Award 2009!
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Sprouts! featured on the news for Earth Day!

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Sprouts bee friendly plantable seed paper
Sprouts! Introduces Bee Friendly Paper

Haagen-Dazs Ad on Sprouts! Seed Paper
Haagen-Dazs saves bees with Sprouts Bee friendly plantable seed paper
This Haagen-Dazs ad, printed on Sprouts! bee friendly paper was featured in Newsweek Magazine in Major US cities across the US
Cards that Grow Flowers
Custom marketing and promotional pieces made from 100% recycled eco friendly plantable seed paper

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