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Sprouts! has plantable seed paper cards and gifts for Summer, too! Click on the image to see some of the cards we have to offer.

Sprouts! has all the eco-friendly, plantable seed paper products and greeting cards that you need to help spread your environmental message! Choose from any of our green plantable designs or send us your own image for custom seed-infused greeting cards, boxes, bookmarks, and many other plantable products. Just give us a call at561-840-8089 or email us at to find out all the details!

Sprouts! plantable seed paper is handmade from 100% recycled materials and contains top quality flower seeds. When the seed embedded paper is planted, it naturally biodegrades and blooms into beautiful wildflowers.

Who would ever think one little bee can have such a huge impact on our lives. In fact that little bee provides more for you than you realize and is extremely essential to the ecosystem! Bees pollinate the crops that are part of the meals you eat everyday. Their colony provides the honey for many of our nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables. These are the foods that give our diet diversity, flavor and nutrition.

Unfortunately honeybee populations are dwindling fast due to an unexplained disease referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Colony Collapse Disorder is robbing our world of our necessary bee populace. So instead of hurting that little bee buzzing near you, why don't you try and help her? The best way to stimulate the bee population is to plant flowers that not only attract bees, but bloom over a range of seasons. Our plantable paper is very unique because it grows flowers that help attract the honeybee to help with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

Sprouts understands the importance of our bees and has made helping sustain their colonies even easier. We have created special collections of plantable seed paper note cards featuring the beautiful bees. These note cards are printed on special seed paper that, when planted, will attract bees and other pollinators. Together we can help spread the word of this epidemic disorder and make a positive impact on the environment and our own lives. Make a purchase and give back to what Mother Nature has provided for you.

Give Sprouts bee friendly products as gifts and inspire people to help save the colony at a time.

Want to help save the bees? Send us an email at or call us at 561-840-8089!
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Sprouts elegant Memorial Cards, Memorial Bookmarks, Thank You Cards, Sympathy Cards, Keepsake Cards, and Pet Loss Cards are created from handmade eco friendly Plantable Seed Paper.

Made from 100% recycled paper and embedded with flower seeds, Sprouts Plantable Seed Paper Memorial Products can be planted and beautiful flowers will grow and bloom in tribute to your departed loved one.
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Sprouts! wins Small Business of the Year Award 2009!

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Sprouts! featured on the news for Earth Day!

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Sprouts bee friendly plantable seed paper
Sprouts! Introduces Bee Friendly Paper

Haagen-Dazs Ad on Sprouts! Seed Paper
Haagen-Dazs saves bees with Sprouts Bee friendly plantable seed paper
This Haagen-Dazs ad, printed on Sprouts! bee friendly paper was featured in Newsweek Magazine in Major US cities across the US
Cards that Grow Flowers
Custom marketing and promotional pieces made from 100% recycled eco friendly plantable seed paper

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